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MAYDAY - May 1st, 2008

*Footage was shown from the Main Event of last year's Mayday; Viper defending the Bad Blood Wrestling World Championship against Shadow Mage's Death Trap Wrestling World title! Mage dodged a kick from Viper, making the referee absorb the blow instead. The Kim brother proceeded to ground Shadow Mage as well, but with the official down, it was open season! Of all people, BiggJDogyDogg ran to the ring and manhandled the exhausted BBW Champion! But it wasn't long before G-Po, armed with a black baseball bat, ran in for the save! Dogg retreated from the ring and Po dared him to come back in, as Viper very slowly staggered back to his feet. However, as soon as he did, G-Po turned around and struck him with the bat!! Po delivered another blow to Viper, as Dogg re-entered the ring to revive the official. The powerhouse then dragged Shadow Mage on top of Viper and the referee administered a 3 count! A stunned crowd had no idea what had just happened, until Snazzy Chic then came to the ring and spray painted the letters nWo on Viper's back...
Cameras then panned out to the live scene where, after a 10 Bell Salute for Cobra, the nWo's music hit once more! However, for the first time since BBW's Ground Zero pay per view, the new World order were in Death Trap Wrestling territory and thus "welcomed" with choruses of boo's!

MAGE: "And then there were 3... The last time you saw us, we bestowed an honorary nWo membership to Big Daddy Claw. But he's been resting in peace for almost 2 years now." The DTW fans briefly interrupt Shadow Mage with chants of 'BDC'! "Then Cobra joined us, but he also passed away." The DTW faithful interrupt Mage again, with a boisterous 'Cobra' chant! "Then Jolita joined us, but for those of you who missed the BBW Hall of Fame ceremony; she denounced her membership!" The crowd cheers, prompting Mage to shake his head. "And now, one of the original 4 who swerved you like nobody's business 1 year ago today, has also left us! Obviously, I'm referring to Snazzy Chic..."

CROWD: "n-W-ho! n-W-ho! n-W-ho! n-W-ho!"

MAGE: "Yeah," he agreed with the crowd, nodding his head, "that she was!"

DOGG: "You would know, Bern."

MAGE: "Also true! But you know, she doesn't really need to be here tonight. Last year she won the World Title, and the Wrestle Offs, breaking records and all. And then a couple months ago, she became a Queen. Granted, it was of some 2nd rate, low-rated federation, but nonetheless. She has nothing left to prove... and, well, she doesn't respect DTW! So if you think about it; why would she grace you slack-jawed scum with her presence?!" The rabid, DTW crowd boo once more. Some even throw trash at Shadow Mage! "The only problem I have with her not being here is she and I were supposed to challenge for the World Tag Team Championship tonight. But, the powers that be insist they've found a suitable replacement."

DOGG: "And good luck to you in that match... Now, in case you morons haven't noticed this big hunk of gold around my waist, let me bring you up to speed: After FINALLY climbing his way to the top and at long last becoming a World Champion, thanks to some terrible officiating by William Kearns, Sniper lost the title about 2 weeks later. It was a Fatal 4 Way game of grab ass with his DTW buddies and he was the FIRST man eliminated! Apollo walked out of that match as World Champion and he held the gold for a solid couple of months. That is, until he decided to stick his nose in Sensational Queen Snazzy and G-Po's business! And he got the beatdown of his life!! And so, a 32 person tournament was held. Everyone got their shot at this title, which I now hold! Jolita actually won the tournament, but that's only because I wrestled to a Double Countout with some freak of nature in the Semi-Finals! But Jo did the right thing; she relinquished the title to me a day later, not wanting to suffer the humiliation of getting beaten by me for it!" Much like his stable mate moments ago, boo's and trash are heaved at BiggJDogyDogg! "But Jolita just doesn't know when to quit, because she's gonna get beaten and humiliated tonight! Ain't that right, Po?"

CROWD: "Benedict Po! Benedict Po! Benedict Po!"

G-PO (shaking his head): "Yeah, yeah, yeah... I saw that cute little B-Po sign at Ground Zero. You all think I'm a traitor, don't you?" The crowd responds in kind and one of them chucks a roll of toilet paper at the former DTW owner! "You know, the whole Benedict Arnold comparison may have worked once, but not so much tonight! If you weren't such stupid idiots, you'd all remember that Benedict Arnold was a traitor because he turned his back on his country in The Revolutionary War and sided with the English. Haven't you been paying attention? Tonight I'm FIGHTING the English!"

DOGG (laughing with Shadow Mage): "And last time, you two fought in England. But now, not only are we back in America, but we're in California! She's on your turf now, Po!" A grinning Po begins to say something, but the fans attempt to drown him out with 'DTW' chants!

MAGE: "Hold that thought, Po... Yeah, keep singing it! D-T-dub! D-T-dub! D-T-dub! We'll show you your precious D-T-dub; roll that beautiful bean footage!"

Clips were shown from a recent event in Baltimore, Maryland. The Main Event was an 8 person tag team match, pitting the nWo's Snazzy Chic, Shadow Mage, BiggJDogyDogg and G-Po against DTW's Nuke, Crash Kid, Carnage and Kid Chaos...

DOGG: "You'll notice that Sniper isn't there, 'cause he retired with his head hanging in shame. And Apollo isn't there either, 'cause he doesn't want any more of the nWo."

MAGE: "Oh no! Gary, watch out, Crash Kid's about to fly off that top rope and hit you with his Whisper in the Wind!"

DOGG: "Oh!! Look at that, G-Po plays a little possum and joins the Death Trapper up there in the blink of an eye! If only Crash Kid were smart enough to know that Po's been pulling this same old trick since the mid-90's!"

MAGE: "Po Plex!! 1-2-3, it's over! DTW may have defeated Bad Blood Wrestling, but they can't beat the nWo!" The crowd erupts into boo's once more!

DOGG: "And just in case anyone here is expecting your heroes to show up here tonight and stick their noses in our business..." The footage then showed all four nWo members mercilessly beating down the Death Trap Wrestling quartet with baseball bats and branding them with their letters. After the Baltimore graffiti jobs, however, 'Leatherface' stormed the ring with his trusty chainsaw and ran the new World order off! "Oh yeah, then this joker shows up. No need to get my attention, Leatherface, you're already getting your ass kicked tonight!"

MAGE: "Now, before I become a World Tag Team Champion... I believe G-Po here has some choice words for his Triple Threat galpal."

PO: "You know something, Jo: You and me, tonight, it was inevitable. You beat me in the World Series, but I beat you in our prelim. So, whether you see us split at one match apiece, or 4 falls apiece... we're even! Tonight is the end all tiebreaker, the rubber match! Iíd be lying if I said Iíd rather have my last match with anyone else walking Godís green Earth. And, aside from this indeed being the final match for both of us, the stakes are raised. This isnít about titles, this isnít about Wrestle Off glory, hell, this isnít even about a simple last hurrah! You know that this one is damn personal! You came between me and one of my best friends, you stabbed me in the back, then you took advantage of me! And not in the good way, like you used to take advantage of Louie when he was drunk. Or, did he take advantage when you were drunk? Itís hard to say, really, you twoíre the only people Iíve ever known to have that really rare blood type... what is it again? Oh yeah; Smirnoff! But you Jo, itís your fault he hated me when he died! And you werenít there for me when I needed you the most! You hardly gave me the time of day after IAW. Just showed up to BBW, won our Tag Team Championship and then took off! As if all that werenít bad enough, you really took advantage of the emotional state I was in when Johnny died. You weaseled your way into the nWo and then pretended like everything was alright! You knew full well that, mentally, I really wasnít there anymore. Iíd almost forgotten all the bullshit you pulled; so I commend you for having the guts to remind me and issue this challenge. But you need to know two things before you step into this ring with me, Jo: First of all, this isnít Bad Blood Wrestling, so youíre no longer in charge. In fact, the only one of your stipulations for our match I agreed to is that the new World order will be barred from ringside. But..." G-Po proudly displayed his trusty, black bat. "As always, this gal is gonna be in my corner. And secondly, allow me to repeat myself by saying that itís personal this time! This isnít a battle of the Triple Threat, like the World Series was. Tonight, youíre stepping into the ring with a sworn member of the n...W...o! That being said, Iíd like to advise you not to worry about your gimmick tonight. Thatís right, just leave the hair dye in its bottle. ĎCause when I get through with you, your lovely blonde locks will be drenched in your own blood!! So, rest assured, your hair will be PLENTY red before itís all said and done! And Iím sorry it had to come to this, Jo, but I mean business! If youíre smart, you wonít show mercy. And if youíre really smart, you sure as Hell wonít expect any from me!"

-The Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, BiggJDogyDogg, and a very fired up and intense G-Po then left ringside. Shadow Mage gave them both the nWo fingers version of the high five on their way out, then stood alone and awaited the arrival of his tag team partner... VIPER!! He looked shocked when the Kim brother's music first hit, then began shaking his head in protest when he physically saw him coming down the aisle. As the crowd roared, the nWo member was quick to grab a mic and remind Viper that he is contractually obligated to stay retired from professional wrestling! That didn't stop Viper from approaching him, however, and Daniel Kim snatched the microphone from his hand: "The contract you speak of was approved by the owner of Bad Blood Wrestling. The same person who administered the unjust three count which ended my career. Therefore, if that person were to perhaps, have a change of heart..." Knowing where Viper was going with this, the crowd popped for him once again! "She could, quite legally, nullify and void the stipulation that states I can no longer wrestle. And in case you did not know, Shadow Mage, one Jolita has indeed had a change of heart!" Mage looked like a deer caught in the headlights as the Dudes With Attitude's music hit. Nonetheless, this bout looked like the ultimate tribute match to Cobra: Featuring one of his brothers, his former Six Man Tag Team Champion partners and another man who'd, not only been a big part of his career, but delivered a most touching tribute speech to Cobra on Bad Blood Wrestling television after his death. However, knowing full well how badly he'd screwed Viper over in their last two matches, Mage walked on eggshells as he was forced to team with him! He was waiting for Viper to do something to him the entire match, figuring he would screw him out of the World Tag Team Championship. He was so distracted that, in the end, he didn't even see a Heartbreak Kid William Kearns Superkick come at him! He was knocked out cold, but luckily for him, he fell by his corner and Viper tagged himself in while Mage went down! Soon thereafter, Viper made Kearns tap out to crown new World Tag Team Champions!!

*After the match, Viper helped William Kearns back to his feet. Both Kearns and Jacknife shook his hand, then pointed up to Heaven in a final salute to Viper's older brother! Shadow Mage was still unconscious, so his new Tag Team Champion partner just left him there in the ring. Though, he hadn't gotten halfway down the aisle with the former champions when he turned around and went back. The crowd actually began to boo Viper, thinking he was showing compassion to a person like Shadow Mage, but Danny had only returned to the ring to take Mage's belt!! The crowd cheered and repeatedly chanted "DTW", knowing that Mage would wake up a champion... but with no gold to show for it!

Backstage, Jolita was seen for the first time tonight. She looked both saddened and angry. And, when asked about her upcoming and final match with G-Po, she couldn't bring herself to choke out a response. She looked as though she was desperately trying to say something, anything into the microphone. But, after a few very quiet seconds passed by, she let out a huge sigh and shook her head. She then simply headed out to the ring, where she would let her fists do the talking for her!

-Although as BiggJDogyDogg pointed out earlier, this rubber match was now on G-Po's turf, he wasn't the fan favorite here either. Having joined the nWo at Viper's expense and later fighting on Bad Blood Wrestling's side at the last Winter War, the Death Trap Wrestling faithful had long turned on him. On the flip side, the DTW fans were very pleased with Jolita leaving the nWo and now forgave her for screwing Viper, after reinstating him tonight. So, in spite of everything she did while an nWo member and the fact that she'd never once competed for DTW, Jolita had the fans' support in this one! When she and G-Po locked in a staredown after the opening bell, rabid chants of "Kick his ass, Jo" followed by the five, rapid claps broke out! The match started off very reminscent of their Wrestle Off World Series encounter; a classic back and forth confrontation that saw each competitor utilize the moves they were known for and attempting quick pins. However, after G-Po snapped Jolita's head back with the Hart Attack clothesline, things began to degenerate! Jo had rolled to the ropes to avoid being pinned, so Po went outside and grabbed a microphone. He used it to periodically taunt her as he assaulted her without mercy! And though he was occasionally shut up by his opponent's moments of regaining control, Po soon found an opportunity to berate her once more. After the classic Side Russian Leg Sweep, Backbreaker, 2nd rope Elbow Drop combination only managed a set of near-falls, he grabbed the microphone and then locked Jo in the Sharpshooter! "Give it up, Jo!! Tap out now and I won't bust you wide open! Come on!" He bellowed into the mic as she screamed in agony. "Yeah, scream for me!" He kept her legs locked with one arm and used the other to put the microphone near her mouth, so the crowd could hear how much pain she was in! "Tell you what, forget tapping. Let's hear you say the words 'I Quit'!" Po again put the mic to Jo's mouth, but this time she grabbed it and threw it outside the ring! She then proceeded to fight, scratch and crawl her way to the ropes, forcing G-Po to break the hold!
He was frustrated by this, so he went outside and grabbed a steel chair. Jolita's head was propped on the bottom rope and G-Po hoisted the chair over his head, until the referee grabbed it from behind! Little did the official know, this was all a part of Po's plan. For the handful of seconds it took the referee to properly dispose of the chair, Po grabbed his baseball bat and pressed it against Jolita's throat!! He didn't have enough time to choke her out, but enough to do some damage and then toss the weapon outside before innocently slapping on a headlock! Still close to the ropes, Jo and Po soon tumbled to the outside. They traded fierce blows, until G-Po knocked Jolita back and charged her! She made a leap into the air, hooked his head with her legs and Litacanrana'd him over the security wall and into the crowd!! G-Po was thrown into two male fans, while the rest in attendance chanted "Holy shit"! Jolita then jumped onto the ring apron and climbed to the top rope, waiting for her opponent to make his way back over the wall. Just when he got his torso over, Jo soared from the top and crashed down on him, bringing him over the hard way!! The crowd went ballistic and the referee began to lay a 10 count on the combatants. There was no way G-Po was going to beat the count on his own, but Jolita got back into the ring and then broke the count by rolling right back out. Instead of tossing Po back into the ring, however, she slammed him against the post! The referee again began to count, but G-Po got him to break it when he grabbed Jolita's ankle! He tripped her and dragged her to the ring post, first slamming her knee against it and then locking her legs in a Figure Four around it!! The referee dove outside and pleaded with G-Po to release the hold, then ordered him to do so by laying a DQ count on him! Po let go at 4, then pulled Jo outside the ring and heaved her against the ring steps with all his might! And with that, he'd kept his promise: The impact against the aluminum steps cut Jolita's head open!! Seeing this, Po tossed her back into the ring and began viciously hammering the open wound! As Jolita bled everywhere, the referee pulled G-Po off to check on her, considering stopping the match. But while Jo's profuse bleeding was analyzed, Po went outside to retrieve his baseball bat! The referee was quick to confiscate it from him, and the momentary distraction on the nWo member's part allowed Jo to Spear him and then frantically beat the side of his head in with one fist after another!! The referee now had to pull her off; she too then went for the baseball bat! It was confiscated once again, but this time Jolita took a page out of G-Po's book, waiting for the official to turn his back and then Low Blowing her opponent! The crowd had wildly cheered every move she'd made the last minute or two and, after G-Po crumpled to the mat, they popped again when she set him up for the Sharpshooter!! She locked him in and turned him over, now it was his turn to scream in agony! He wouldn't tap either though, in fact he knew the counter to this hold. He soon reached back and picked Jo's ankle to reverse it, but she quickly made it to the ropes. They were both nearly counted out again, though inside the ring now, but they slowly made it back to their feet. Thinking fast, G-Po bounced off the ropes and soared at her with a Bicycle Kick, but she ducked and the referee was KO'd instead! The bloodthirsty Po didn't seem to care and he went right after Jolita again, who hardly saw him coming through the blood in her eyes! He planted her face into the mat with a Rocker Dropper, then made attempts to revive the official. Seeing the ref was out cold, G-Po again dragged Jo to the ringpost! He retrieved the bat once more and took a swing at her leg, which she was able to move away in the nick of time! A very small portion of the wooden bat shattered against the steel, after which G-Po brought the bat into the ring. He knew his stable mates were barred from ringside, but figured he could get away with staining the bat with Jolita's blood so long as the ref was out. He stalked her and then raised the bat high above his head... however, as much as anger was inside him, as much as he'd driven the point of "no mercy" home in his pre-match promo and as much damage as he'd already inflicted on her, he couldn't bring himself to bash her brains in. He slowly lowered the bat, with a glazed look in his eye, but was snapped out of his trance by the DTW fans. He got angry again and looked like he was now ready to clobber her, but he still couldn't do it. He tried once more, but again stopped himself. As the inner struggle continued, a second referee came to the ring and took the bat from G-Po. So, the nWo member brought his opponent to her feet by grabbing her blood soaked hair and he set her on the top rope. He then joined her and lifted her off the ropes in the Po Plex! But on the way down, before Po could crash her face into the mat, Jolita flipped her body 90 degrees in mid-air and brought him down to the canvas with the Twist of Fate!!! The fans went crazy again, witnessing the first counter to the Po Plex in history, cheering for Jo to inch her way over and cover G-Po! And she gradually did just that, draping an arm over his chest to get the 3 count!!

*Backstage, an announcer stood by with "Leatherface". And though it wasn't common for any wrestler to speak much while donning this mask, the announcer tried to get his last-minute thoughts before challenging BiggJDogyDogg for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship. The masked individual simply stared blankly for a moment, then promptly removed the mask!! And the DTW faithful absolutely roared when they saw APOLLO's face!

APOLLO: "You want to know what I think?! I think it's great to finally see the nWo get swerved for a change! You little roody poo sum bitches really thought I was too cowardly to show up in Baltimore? I was there and I ran your candy asses right out of the ring! And G-Po, did you really think you got away with not having one more match with me? Ha! Least you forget, one month ago today, you were defeated by 'Leatherface'. April Fool's, bitch! But there's more than just giving the nWo a taste of their own medicine here, I HAD to put this mask on and wrestle. I don't know what everybody read on the Internet, but I didn't forfeit my title due to injury. I was STRIPPED of my title and prohibited from wrestling by my doctors! So back in March, I put on a mask and entered a tournament. And, bad knee and all, I beat the giant Jester. Then I beat some jabroni named Justin Hays. And, in a real Irresistible Force VS. Immovable Object kind of match, I defeated the legendary Ultimate Warrior! But then, there was a Double Countout. Well, BiggJDogyDogg, you're not getting off that easy! I didn't play dressup just to whip a few more asses and call it a career, I want my title back!!"

-Apollo marched to the ring to a thunderous ovation! And, simply because the challenger turned out to be the man who lead Death Trap Wrestling to victory over BBW and not some tired old gimmick, the fans were extra relentless with their taunts and jeers when the nWo-loyal Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion came out to defend his title! The only other time these two had squared off in singles competition was an Iron Man match earlier this year for what was then Apollo's World title. The DTW hero was victorious in that encounter, edging Dogg 4 falls to 3, scoring the tie-breaking fall with just 16 seconds left in the 1 Hour! And, whereas the fans had just witnessed a single fall rematch from the 2nd IAW Wrestle Off World Series, the Death Trap Wrestling faithful were getting a small taste of both their own in this one. They had the runner-up in DTW's first World Series putting his title on the line against the winner of DTW's second Wrestle Off World Series! Which was ironic, considering Dogg and Apollo's only other 1 on 1 encounter consisted of 7 falls. There was no shortage of stiff punches when these two powerhouses collided tonight! But, with both men pulling out all the stops to walk out as the final Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, there seemed to be no end in sight. That's where the events in Baltimore, where once again "the band was back together", become increasingly significant. Apollo's DTW buddies had very recently been beaten down by the nWo, preventing them from being in the building tonight. It was also bad for Apollo that, unlike in G-Po and Jolita's match, the nWo wasn't barred from ringside. Because the deciding factor in this match was Shadow Mage. Who, while Dogg distracted the referee, showed up at ringside and sprayed paint in Apollo's eyes!!! After that, the temporarily blinded challenger was easy pickings for the Dogg Drop and pinned by The Champion!! And this night, the anniversary of the newest World order, ended much like the night the original nWo formed: With angry and taunted fans completely filling the ring with garbage.