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Qualifying Round

-Crash Kid pinned Viper @ 8:21
-Cobra defeated Venom by submission @ 1:40
-Squeak pinned Prince of Perfection @ 6:18
-Apollo pinned "Smash" @ 11:32
-G-Po defeated "Shawn Michaels" via submission @ 3:54
-Jester pinned Snazzy Chic @ 4:37
-Shadow Mage pinned "Ax" @ 4:05
-"Rob Van Dam" pinned "Torrie" @ 7:19
-Slipknot quick-pinned Nuke @ 1:19
-Jolita pinned Sniper @ 3:00
-Big Daddy Claw pinned Y2Felps @ 3:36
-BiggJDogyDogg pinned (THQ Man) @ 3:29

ROUND 1 (Best 3 out of 5)

-BiggJDogyDogg defeated Slipknot 3-2

-Cobra defeated G-Po 3-1-1 (Kim Brother Curse broken!)

-Jolita defeated Jester 3-1

-Big Daddy Claw defeated Shadow Mage 3-2 (The Triple Threat over Mage/Squeak/Jester in Match 5)

ROUND 2 (Best 4 out of 7)

-BiggJDogyDogg swept Cobra 4-0 (Cobra bowed-out to end final match)

-Big Daddy Claw defeated Jolita 4-2 (Claw turns on the Triple Threat and joins the nWo)


8/05: With G-Po and Jolita's World Tag titles on the line, the nWo Wolfpack defeated nWo black and white @ 22:24 when Cobra pinned Shadow Mage


7/30: BiggJDogyDogg pinned Big Daddy Claw after a Dogg Drop to take a 1-0 lead
7/31: Big Daddy Claw squashed BiggJDogyDogg to even the series
8/01: BiggJDogyDogg retook the series lead, Dogg Dropping and pinning Big Daddy Claw again
8/02: Big Daddy Claw Powerbombed and pinned BiggJDogyDogg to even the series, 2-2
8/03: Big Daddy Claw pinned BiggJDogyDogg to put the champion on the brink of elimination
8/04: The series was evened once again after Jolita interfered, blatantly attacking the World Champion to get Big Daddy Claw disqualified
8/06: After a hard-fought match that saw the challenger kick out of the Dogg Drop, BiggJDogyDogg quick-pinned Big Daddy Claw to successfully defend the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship and win the All-Star World Series!