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Bad Blood Wrestling

As wrestlers and fans alike kick the night off by standing and applauding, anticipating the start of the ceremony, the BBW owner takes the stage and walks to the podium. She has a Hall of Fame plaque in her hand, ready to award it to the first inductee.
JOLITA: "We all know why we're here, so we're going to get right to it... It shouldn't surprise anyone who I'm inducting tonight. He and I were part of the Triple Threat together, part of the new World order together; and we were even the Bad Blood Wrestling Tag Team Champions together. He was too modest to allow himself to be inducted into his own Death Trap Wrestling Hall of Fame, but he can't run tonight. I'm sure if Big Daddy Claw were still with us, he'd more than agree that this man deserves the first induction; G-Po!"

G-PO: "Thank you! It may shock most of you to know that I really don't have much to say right now; more than enough will be said in the tell-all book I'm writing. But, I'm honored to at long last achieve Hall of Fame status. Other than that, all I can say is... one good induction deserves another! So, it's my privilege to induct someone who is way overdue to be recognized as a Hall of Famer. Jo, get back up here!"

JOLITA: "I, um..." The BBW owner nervously begins. "I too am very honored by this. There are some things I did here in Bad Blood Wrestling that I'm very proud of. But then again, there're even more things I've done that make me absolutely disgusted with myself! Looking back; I'm not proud of ending Viper's career, I'm not proud of firing all the BBW originals who blazed the trail for the rest of us and I'm damn sure not proud that I joined a group of THUGS whose formation was out of pure spite for me!
...G-Po, last Mayday, you called me selfish! You reformed the nWo because you wanted to be part of a group where you belonged. You felt like you were always a 3rd wheel in the Triple Threat; and you blamed me for that! Last year, you wanted to take those frustrations out on me, so you tried to goad me out of retirement. And instead of joining your miserable faction, I should've taken you up on your offer! Well, you know what, Gary? This Mayday, I want YOU out of retirement and in the ring with me!!"

A stunned G-Po slowly rises from his seat and returns to the stage, as the fans in attendance mark like crazy! The very thought of the first Jolita/G-Po match in 4 years, since their epic World Series encounter, sends them into hysterics! And they only get wilder when Po joins Jo behind the podium and the two engage in an intense staredown. And, just before officials seperate the two, G-Po nods his head in acceptance of Jolita's challenge!

JACKNIFE (after the first commercial break): You know, it's a good thing that a certain 'Jester' and his partner were made the April Fools of, 'cause now the Dudes With Attitude are your World Tag Team Champions! And going into Mayday, what would a card dedicated to the memory of Cobra be without us? Anyway, tonight I'm here to induct my tag team partner into the Hall of Fame. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the very first Bad Blood Wrestling World Champion: The Heartbreak Kid, William Kearns!"

KEARNS: "Thank you, thank you! My good buddy, Jacknife is right: The Dudes With Attitude are your World Tag Team Champions and these belts are our golden tickets to Mayday! I've got one show-stopping performance left in me, and Cobra; it's all for you man! And I gotta say, it's no secret that the nWo has done us both plenty of wrong in the past. But come May 1st, we strike back! We've already inked a title defense against two of the nWo's finest, the former king and the reigning queen! Shadow Mage and Snazzy Chic, you royal cats are goin' down and you're goin' down hard!"

*After the World Tag Team Champions leave the stage, one of the men they defeated for the titles appears.

SQUEAK: "I find it humorous that terms such as 'deserving' and 'overdue' have already been utilized tonight. Because, no one is more deserving and overdue for a place in The Hall of Fame than the gentlemen I'm about to induct. These men are the longest reigning Tag Team Champions in the history of both WWE and IAW, the very first Ultimate Tag Team Champions; and here in Bad Blood Wrestling, they formed the New Triple Threat with Big Daddy Claw and won the tag titles on multiple occasions! It's only fitting that they take their place in history together... I give you, Ax and Smash; Demolition!"

AX: "It's good to know that you can still become a Hall of Famer even if Vince McMahon doesn't like you. We haven't been recognized by the WWE's Hall, but then again... we also haven't been brown-nosing Vince for the last 30 years like recent inductee, Gerry Brisco!"

SMASH: "That's right, we didn't hummer our way here! We've earned our stripes! And we're honored to be recognized by Bad Blood Wrestling, the federation founded by our good friend, and the federation that stood strong and defied the boys at Titan Towers when lawsuits first came against e-feds. So Vince, just think of this induction as our way of kicking your stinkin' teeth in!!"

*Demolition exit stage left to a TREMENDOUS ovation, as Sensational Queen Snazzy gracefully walks to the podium.

SNAZZY CHIC: "I inducted my longtime friend, Shadow Mage, into the DTW Hall of Fame. But tonight, the nWo, we're doing things a little differently. You see, the original nWo had their Outsiders, and so does ours. BiggJDogyDogg and I never set foot in a Bad Blood Wrestling ring until after the newest World order had formed. Therefore, we were The Outsiders of BBW; and we quickly became the greatest tag team in e-fed history! So, without further ado... here is my fellow Outsider and the reigning Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, BiggJDogyDogg!"

DOGG: "Thank you. I already gave this big speech when I was inducted into the DTW Hall of Fame and I don't really have much to add. Unless, did Mel mention I'm the World Champion? Oh, she did? Okay... Well then, I'll just go ahead and give the honor of my induction. I guess I owe this guy SOMETHING for breaking his back. Ladies and gentlemen; Shadow Mage!"

MAGE: "I'm a double Hall of Famer as well, so once again, we'll just move right along... I'm going to return the favor to a good friend of mine for inducting me into DTW's Hall. This is actually the last induction tonight. The Main Event, if you will. And if you've got a problem with her being on last, that's just too damn bad! 'Cause last year, there wasn't an ass on the active Bad Blood Wrestling roster she didn't kick. She is a former two-time Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion and my future World Tag Team Champion partner; the Queen of Queens, Snazzy Chic!!"

CHIC: "Thank you. I for one am a first-time Hall of Fame inductee; and I'm honored. And I just hope that, after everything I accomplished last year, people will stop comparing me to Jolita!! Since IAW, every female wrestler has been measured by her standards and I'm sick and tired of it! I've surpassed the bar she set: I too won an Elimination Chamber match, I too am a former multi-time World Champion and I too won the Wrestle Off World Series! Jo may have been the first woman to do so, but I'm the first wrestler in history to SWEEP the World Series! And mine was a series of Triple Threat matches! And Jo may be the only person who made it to the World Series twice, but I'm the only person in history to successfully defend the World Championship throughout the entire Wrestle Offs! I walked into the Best of 5 series with the title, I walked out of the World Series with it! And I for one am glad Jo denounced the new World order tonight, because I'm happy to finally get all of this off my chest! Jolita, I hope G-Po thrashes you at Mayday! Just like Mage and I are going to destroy the Dudes With Attitude and Dogg is going to completely dismantle Leatherface! On our anniversary, the nWo is going out the only way we know how... on top!!!"